About Samuel

Hello, I'm Samuel Adebayo, a passionate and dedicated researcher focused on advancing the field of computational intelligence. I am a Research Fellow and I am currently completing my PhD at Queen's University Belfast, research includes multimodal systems, human-hand-eye coordination, and decision-making science as applied to computational intelligence. My research interests are broad and include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Bayesian Neural Network, Human Intention Inference, Hand-Eye-Object Tracking, HRI, Robot-Learning, and Deep Reinforcement Learning.

In addition to my research, I'm also actively involved in the IEEE community as the Student Branch Chair at QUB, where I collaborate with like-minded professionals and contribute to discussions on cutting-edge technologies. I'm also a lecturer at Belfast Met and INTO Queen's Univ Belfast, where I teach Python, SQL, and Machine Learning to aspiring students.

I'm proud of my technical skills in Python, C++, Matlab, Numpy, Numba, Pandas, and SQL, as well as my experience with frameworks such as OpenCV, Pytorch, and Tensorflow.

Here's the code that describes me:

class Samuel():
    def __init__(self, occ='Research Fellow', ins='QUB', res='UK'):
        self.Research_Interest = ['Machine Learning', 'Deep Learning', 'Bayesian Neural Network', 'Human Intention Inference',
                                  'Hand-Eye-Object Tracking', 'HRI', 'Robot-Learning', 'Deep Reinforcement Learning']
        self.TechStack = ['Python', 'C++', 'Matlab', 'MySQL', 'Numpy', 'Pandas', 'Flask', 'ARM', 'ROS', 'Keras', 'Scikit-learn', 'Natural Language Processing (NLP)']
        self.Frameworks = ['OpenCV', 'Pytorch', 'Tensorflow', 'Pytorch Lightning', 'Apache MXNet']

        self.occupation = occ
        self.institution = ins
        self.residence = res
        self.name = 'Samuel Adebayo'
        self.email = 'samueladebayo@ieee.org'
        self.linkedin = 'https://linkedin.com/in/samneering'

    def about_me(self):
        return {'Research Interest': self.Research_Interest, 'Tech Stack': self.TechStack, 'Frameworks': self.Frameworks}

    def print(self):
        print({'Name': self.name, 'Occupation': self.occupation, 'Country': self.residence, 'Institution': self.institution, 
               'Tech Stacks' : self.TechStack, 'ML and DL Frameworks': self.Frameworks, 
               'Research Interest': self.Research_Interest, 'LinkedIn': self.linkedin, 'Contact' : self.email})

y = Samuel()

I'm always looking for opportunities to collaborate on new projects or share knowledge with others in the field. If you're interested in connecting with me, please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn at https://linkedin.com/in/samneering or email me at samueladebayo@ieee.org.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, and I hope to hear from you soon!