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class Samuel():
    def __init__(self, occ='PhD Student', ins='QUB', res='UK'):
        super(Samuel, self).__init__()
        self.RI = self.RIandSkill()['Research Interest']
        self.TS = self.RIandSkill()['Tech Stack']
        self.FW = self.RIandSkill()['Frame Works']
        self.occupation = occ
        self.institution = ins
        self.residence = res = 'Samuel Adebayo' = ''
        self.linkedin = ''

    def RIandSkill(self):
        RI = ['Machine Learning', 'Deep Learning', 'Bayesian Neural Network', 'Human Intention Inference',
              'Hand-Eye-Object Tracking', 'HRI', 'Robot-Learning', 'Deep Reinforcement Learning']
        TechStack = ['Python', 'C++', 'Matlab', 'Numpy', 'Numba', 'Pandas', 'SQL']
        Framework = ['OpenCV', 'Pytorch', 'Tensorflow']
        return {'Research Interest': RI, 'Tech Stack': TechStack, 'Frame Works': Framework}

    def print(self):
        print( {'Name':, 'Occupation': self.occupation, 'Country': self.residence, 'Institution': self.institution, 'Tech Stacks' : self.TS, 'ML and DL Framweworks': self.FW, 'Research Interest': self.RI,'linkedIn': self.linkedin, 'Contact' :

y = Samuel()

In summary My name is Samuel, I am a PhD student at Queen's University Belfast. Before now, I was an undergrad at Lagos State University, Lagos Nigeria. My research is in the areas of deep learning, Bayesian neural network, multimodal systems, human-hand-eye coordination, and decision-making science as applied to computational intelligence in human-robot interaction.