Iba: When Words Fail, Music Speaks of the Divine

The concept of divine greatness transcends human understanding. While I am in deep search of knowledge even to the height of academic allure I have come to find solace and awe in contemplating the unfathomable. Even in both scientific research and spiritual contemplation, we should be reminded that there are realms of understanding that go beyond what we can readily grasp. It's a reminder of the limitations of human cognition.

The song "IBA", by Pastor Nathenial Bassey, Dusin Oyekan, Dasola Akinbule is deeply inspiring and yet again I am brought to the realisation of how glorious you are lord, you are graciously wonderful, there is not a thought on earth nor in heaven that can fathom how great you are. No thought, whether terrestrial or celestial, can adequately encapsulate your grandeur. In the face of this, I find myself humbled, whispering "IBA, atofarati" in reverent submission.

Musical compositions like "IBA" possess a remarkable ability to crystallize complex emotions and thoughts. They serve both as an articulation of, and a channel for, our ineffable sense of awe and reverence.

I recognise your unsearchable greatness, Ahayah!