Ongoing Research Week .07.22

⭐ I recently released a paper and presented same at the 6th IFAC conference, Romania. To see the paper, check here for Hand-Eye-Object Tracking for Human Intention Inference , a novel learning-based human intention inference from a fusion of 3 visual cues.

⭐ I am currently working on Self-Learn-Your-Key Gaze (SLYKGaze), A Gaze Estimation Technique that minimizes domain expertise limitation and aleatoric uncertainties in learning-based gaze estimation.

⭐ I will be joining Belfast Metropolitan College in September 2022 as a Part-Time Lecturer in Machine Learning, and Part-Time Lecturer in Python.

⭐ In July 2022, our ethics application was accepted, hence we are set to collect the first-of-its-kind dataset.

Ongoing Research

🚀H-E-O0 / 1March 2022
🚀SLYKGaze5 / 10in progress
🚀HRI Dataset4/ 10in progress
🚀RDSH - A deep neural network for pose estimation with densenet as the backbone. collaborative work with [Federico Zocco]1 / 3ongoing