Retrospective: Teaching Intro to Python Programming

Hello, everyone! I had the privilege of teaching a programming class "Python Programming" course at Belfast Metropolitan College during Autumn 2022 and Winter of 2023. As we move into Autumn, I've decided to share the lecture slides and occasionally the recorded classes from this course every week.

Week 1 Lecture Slides here

Why Share Now?

Sharing educational resources has always been a way to democratise knowledge. Whether you're a student who took the course and wants to revisit the material or someone who's just getting started with Python, these resources will serve as a comprehensive guide.

What Did Week 1 Cover?

To give you a taste of what's to come, week one was all about laying the foundation:

Module Introduction: We discussed what the course aimed to achieve and why Python is an invaluable language to learn.
Introduction to Computer Programming: The course kicked off by laying down the basics of computer programming and its relevance in today's digital landscape.
Programming Basics: Students were introduced to the fundamental building blocks of all programming languages.
Natural Language vs Programming Language: A comparative look at how our everyday language differs from programming languages and why that matters.

Translators, Compilers, and Assemblers: An overview of the tools that make coding in Python possible and how they work.

What to Expect?

Each week, I'll post the slides corresponding to that week's topics. Occasionally, I will also share the recorded lectures for those who prefer a more interactive learning experience.

Whether you're a beginner in Python or looking to refresh your knowledge, stay tuned for weekly updates that will take you from the basics to more advanced topics. Don't forget to check back each week for new materials, and happy learning!